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With a reputation as a trusted fiduciary and consultant in maximizing value for companies and their shareholders during difficult economic circumstances, we offer a comprehensive portfolio of financial services and expertise to handle most any situation. As coach, partner and mentor, we define our client’s current status and potential and we identify a range of options and solutions in the areas of:

Executive Coaching   Mangement Consulting   Financial Consulting

   • Develops leaders for challenging times
   • Provides one-on-one customized coaching
   • Supports strategic thinking & planning

   Can your current leaders take your
   organization to the next level?

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   • Teaches effective communication
   • Provides tools for successful change
   • Promotes leadership development

   Is your management team productive
   and motivated for success?

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   • Develops financial building principles
   • Infuses an understanding of debt
   • Creates effective wealth building actions

   Have you maximized your wealth
   potential for your company or shareholders?

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Covenant Financial Consultants delivers insightful strategies and techniques designed to maximize connections between people - building bridges that connect people to performance. During his 25-year history, Mr. Henderson has facilitated meetings, designed and delivered management training courses, and assessed organizational culture to improve workplace performance. The result is increased company productivity and higher profits for you.

Whether you and your employees work in an office, in a banking institution, in a laboratory, on the shop floor, in the field, or with clients at remote locations - building professional, supportive relationships is vital to high performance outcomes.

At CFC, we believe in the three pillars of sustainable development – Leadership, Execution, & Measured Results. Let us help your company achieve success!

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Creating a safe environment by which difficult issues can be brought forth for evoking learning and power, ultimately improving results both professionally and personally.
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